Friday, December 11, 2009

"the first post has to be EPIC."

Life in this universe is hardly replete with anachronism. Or so it goes.

We live in a world revolving around its own continuity: unwavering, static, deliberate. And rarely do those discontinuities that occur in our world get lauded with the admiration of history's retinue. No! Instead they get tossed under the colossus of obscurity and contempt, forever doomed to rot alongside the monotonous and disreputable alike. After making no error in their time besides possessing a poor fate, what justification do we have to tread upon their existence? Or, for that matter, what right do we have to disavow our readers of the opportunity to learn of it?

And that, dear readers, is what prompted our hand. We too have been victims of popular culture's indomitable stranglehold on what we read, watch, and listen to. And while those former two items raise our ire enough, it is with utmost certainty that we are most well-versed in the latter. Apart from being aspiring musicians ourselves, we have a somewhat modest collection of musical oddities spanning a few generations. We felt it was merely time to begin disseminating the seed of pretension to all willing constituents possessing an index finger and / or a working eardrum.

So, my children, it is with insurmountable boredom and astonishing haughtiness that I birth the life of this humble blog in grand fashion. But know this: we do not deign to prove expertise or preeminence in our field of pleasure, nor do we suggest that our preferences in music are the right ones. We simply strive to serve a musical universe long in need of a helping hand. And hopefully in the process, provide some music worth listening to.

Fuck, out.

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