Thursday, December 24, 2009

Royal Bangs vs. Clues

I don't really know why I've always associated these records with each other. Maybe its that they were both sparsely noticed 2009 releases. Maybe because of the similiarly themed artwork. Or maybe just because I burned them on the same blank CD. Either way, these are definitely two bands to be aware of, even if thats where the similairities end.

I picked up on the Clues self titled debut when seeing it praised on a 'best of the decade' list. On a first listen it didn't leave much of an impression, but after a couple it grew. The album is fairly consistent and cohesive, and exists in a place that apart from being indie rock is all the groups own. That said, there is a huge lack of stand out singles here. Let's just say I've never caught myself humming a Clues song. Still a worthy record though that you can check out below.

'Remember Severed Head', 2009

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The Royal Bangs on the other hand have the opposite problem. On this album there are at least four well written catchy tracks, but the rest of outing fails to live up. The record is titled 'Let it Beep', and appropriately so, as everytime the songwriting lacks the mix is muddled with distracting and largely distasteful MIDI style effects. That being said, "War Bells", "Poison Control", "Waking Up Wierd", and "Maniverse" are first rate high energy tunes that any band would be proud to have in their catalog. Check these out as well.

'War Bells', 2009

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te a fatige said...

huh. interesting. that Royal Bangs track reminds me very much of Primal Scream's XTRMNTR, not too shabby.