Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cat Power Record Rumors

So I recently saw the movie 'Powder Blue'. You know, the one where Jessica Biel plays the stripper.. Well, aside from that, the one truly redeeming quality about this movie is the use of a track from Cat Power's 2003 album 'You Are Free'. I implore you, turn down the lights, sip on an alcoholic beverage, close your eyes, and let "Werewolf" wash over you. (Listening to it soundtrack Jessica Biel stripping isn't bad either). There is nothing else in music quite like this, and its signature make-your-skin-crawl kind of bare bones subtlety is what has solidified 'You Are Free' as something of a modern classic. This is what makes rumors of a return to form Cat Power album in 2010 so exciting. After all, Chan Marshall hasn't played guitar on a record in 7 years, and I for one yearn for the post rock style pained atmospherics of her pre-adult contemporary musings.

As good as 'You Are Free' is, when digging into the Cat Power catalogue for me it all comes back to 1998's 'Moon Pix'. This was her first truly realized record, and was recorded with members of the Dirty Three on drums and bass. This in combination with Marshall's pained guitar notes makes for what souds like a post rock album with her soulful moaning gracing the affair. Indie myth claims she wrote the whole thing in one night amidst a fit of insomnia. Oh yes, and she's drop dead gorgeous. Check out "Werewolf", and download links for 'Moon Pix' below.

"Werewolf", 2003

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(Due to the soundtrack theme and the inclusion of a song title 'Werewolf', I can't help but bring up that the 'Twilight New Moon' soundtrack is actually rather good. The old favorites all pitch decent tracks, and a couple of the lesser knowns will surprise you. Worth checking out.)

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