Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local Natives

Southern California's Local Natives debuted with 'Gorilla Manor' back in November of 2009, but interestingly enough only in the UK. The album won't drop in the US until February, almost four months later. It's my prediction that by the end of 2010 this will cause one of those fussy Rural Alberta Advantage-esque "do I put it on my best of the year list or not" type squabbles for many, but the fact remains that it will probably belong. Granted, the album is far from perfect, but for me its major flaw lies in often being too pleasant. The group liberally drowns many of their tunes in lush Fleet Foxes style vocal harmony, and occasionally it seems a cover for what may be a weak melody. Another complaint with the record and the group would have to be the percussion however. Often lingering in the back of the mix, that same drab beat graces most of the tracks here. Which is unfortunate only because the group plays some pretty uptempo indie rock songs. I mean, imagine what Justin Peroff (BSS) could have done here and you'll see what I mean.

What is truly great here however is to hear the lush harmony discussed above in practice over a straight ahead rocker, like "Sun Hands", and it is these moments that make the record one to treasure. Probably a great live act too. Check out 'Camera Talk', and the download link below.

'Camera Talk', 2010

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