Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There are lots of indie rock bands named after deer and wolves. And there are also a lot of folk bands named after wood (Woods) and birds (Bowerbirds, Andrew Bird). Some folk bands just do both, like Wooden Birds (who had a strong 2009 debut) and Woodpigeon. Woodpigeon is a Canadian group who debuted in 2008 with 'Songbook', and followed up in '09 with 'Treasury Library Canada'. The two albums were both reviewed well (by those who bothered too), but generated fairly little hype, surprisingly so.

You may remember back to 2001, when "New Slang" had everybody who had ever seen 'Garden State' describing every indie band regardless as "Kind of sounding like the Shins". I'm pretty sure someone even told me Modest Mouse kind of sounded like the Shins once. That said many of the comparisions were relevant, as 'Oh, Inverted World' spawned as many imitators as any album I can remember in recent history. What is interesting about Woodpigeon is how they deliver on everything all of those bands ever aspired to be. Simply put, poppy, softly sung, acoustic based chamber pop. 'Songbook' honestly sounds like the best album the Shins never made, and yet instead of jumping for joy, we seem to be pushing it to the side. Why? Possibly because Woodpigeon just make it sound so effortless. The melodies are so natural, the progressions all so plainly pleasantly simple, that maybe were just embarrassed that all of our afore-championed imitators managed to somehow fall flat.

'Treasury Library Canada' is also a strong outing, but below you'll find 'Songbook', I'd argue the better of the two. Admittedly, this album is not without its pitfalls; song titles like "Death By Ninja (a Love Song)" are cause for rolling eyes. But that said, if you like pretty, folky, chamber pop like the song below, this is some of the best being made. Check it out.

"Take The Hint Kid", 2008

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